Scott Steiner Takes Aim At Eric Bischoff Over Recent Interview Comments

Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling in March, has continued to fire off messages on Twitter trashing his former employer’s uppeer hierarchy. In his latest series of messages, “Big Poppa Pump” slams Eric Bischoff, Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan for destroying TNA in his eyes. He also takes issue with Bischoff’s comments regarding him during a recent interview.



When asked of Steiner’s scathing Twitter rants, Bischoff said, “Scott is a 50-year-old man and is at a stage of his life where in his mind he is a much bigger star than in reality and he is having a hard time adjusting to that. It is sad to see, especially with people at one time you thought were friends become so bitter because their identities are so diluted in this wrestling character that they think it is their life. When that chapter of their life closes they can no longer perform to the level they need to perform to be able to compete with the younger talent.

“Some guys are able to adjust to that very well and just move on but other people like Scott Steiner just become bitter. I hope he finds a way to look back at his career and realise he was very fortunate, he made a lot of money, got to see the world and got to do things very few people got to do. I would like to see Scott become less bitter, he will be a much happier person.”

Steiner responds:

Brooke Tessmacher will now be called miss tessmacher bcuz hogan wants it that way…..really

How about brooke A and brooke B …A is for amazon B is for beautiful..guess which brooke is the amazon

Ive always said hogan n bitchoff are car salesman and are the best at it but how do these con men

Convince a company that they have brought nothing but bad storylines and bad ratings and trying

To save money hire their siblings who are both worthless,they were paying garrett bitchoff more money

To go thru school than they are paying most of their cruiserweights and he still cant throw

A believeable clothesline,fn bullshit

Leaving one cunt and going to another..bitchoff did an interview and all he has

To do is say what im saying isnt true but he cant so he tries too convince whoever that im bitter

No im telling the truth and im saying what everybody wishes they could in tna but cant,i am the voice

For these guys and im trying to save tna,bcuz ive seen this same bullshit before in WCW,where is hogans

And bitchoffs accountability,then he said he thought we were friends…really..hogan thought we were

Friends bcuz i gave him the # of the Dr who did my back surgery,and you thought we were friends bcuz

…WHY….you have an inflated opinion of yurself bcuz you are viewed by 99% of the wrestlers that

Were in WCW as the jackoff who made David Arquette champion and eventually running WCW into

The ground,and now for those wrestlers who werent in WCW but know about it you are a jackoff that

Doesnt know shit about booking and are destroying the fanbase of TNA

And anybody that knows wrestling; once you lose fans its not like turning the faucet back on it takes awhile

To get those fans back and sometimes you dont get them back

Thats why TNA should be in a panick bcuz these 3 assholes have brought bad ratings for 21/2 yrs

Bitchoffs then says when he was in wwe he wishes he would have picked vince’s mind more….are you

Fucking kidding me …bitchoff the only time vince let you in his office was to save you from the guys from

WCW kicking your ass,At raw flair went up to bitchoff and slapped the shit out of him and bitchoff being

The cunt that he is did nothing,then Arn was going too,then pretty soon a line of guys from WCW started

To form bcuz eric was a arrogant asshole and they wanted to take their shot and Vince brought bitchoff

In his office and then tried to calm everybody down,You wonder why your son is a pussy……bcuz you are

Age is a state of mind and i feel great,put me in the ring with garrett and we’ll see who looks better

Fuck the piece of shit cant even wrestle

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