Sean Hannity ‘Begs’ Taylor Swift For Trump To…

Fox News host Sean Hannity issued a cautionary message to pop star Taylor Swift, advising her to reconsider endorsing President Joe Biden’s potential reelection campaign. This shift in Hannity’s stance comes just a few months after he defended Swift against conservatives who criticized her and her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.



Expressing concerns about the Biden campaign’s reported attempts to secure Swift’s endorsement for the 2024 election, Hannity questioned whether Swift was fully aware of the political associations involved. He played a clip from 2019 in which Swift criticized the Soros family for supporting Scooter Braun’s acquisition of her music catalog. Hannity then pointed out the Soros family’s significant contributions to left-wing and Democratic causes.

Highlighting Biden’s perceived shortcomings, Hannity questioned whether Swift realized the potential pitfalls of endorsing someone he described as a “stumbling, bumbling mess” with limited energy. Hannity suggested that Swift should investigate online videos portraying Biden as “creepy” and pondered whether she had bought into false narratives about conservatives and Republicans being labeled as racist, sexist, and other derogatory terms.

Concluding his message, Hannity advised Swift to “think twice” before making a decision about the 2024 election. This represents a shift in Hannity’s tone, as he had previously defended Swift in September, praising her talent, business acumen, and kindness to fans while criticizing conservatives who had targeted her.

In response to reports of potential Biden endorsements, allies of former President Donald Trump were said to be planning a “holy war” against Swift. Some prominent Trump supporters, including former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Newsmax host Greg Kelly, and Trump 2024 National Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt, voiced their opposition. Leavitt suggested that Swift should stick to writing songs and questioned her ability to make sound choices in presidential elections, citing her track record of writing songs about picking the wrong romantic partners. This controversy surrounding Swift’s potential political involvement highlights the intersection of entertainment and politics and the scrutiny that public figures face when expressing their political views.

“Does Taylor actually realize that the Soroses, they’re huge donors to left-wing and Democratic causes?” Hannity questioned:

Does Taylor realize the guy that they want her to endorse is a kind of stumbling, bumbling mess, doesn’t have the energy to give a 30 minute speech, let alone perform a three hour concert like she does? He also is kind of very creepy. She may want to check out those creepy videos, they’re online. Or maybe she just bought into all the lies about conservatives and Republicans, that they are racist and sexist and homophobic and xenophobic and transphobic and Islamophobic, and Republicans and conservatives want dirty air and water, and a total ban on all abortion with no exceptions. If she believes all that, she is believing a lie, because those talking points are simply untrue.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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