Sean Hannity Drops Biden Drug Bombshell To Lara Trump

In a segment on Fox News’ Hannity, host Sean Hannity speculated about President Joe Biden’s upcoming debate with former President Donald Trump, suggesting Biden might be overly energetic or even under the influence of drugs. Hannity mentioned the possibility of Biden being “hyped up” like he was during the State of the Union address, insinuating that such behavior might not be typical of Biden in other settings.



Hannity also brought up the topic of drug testing for presidential candidates, comparing it to protocols in sports like horse racing. He expressed his personal support for the idea, citing supposed public approval as well.

During the discussion, Hannity criticized CNN and the debate moderators, labeling Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as biased against Trump. He then turned to Lara Trump, discussing the perceived challenges and biases Trump has faced since entering politics.

Lara Trump echoed Hannity’s sentiments, asserting that the deck has always been stacked against Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy. The conversation underscored ongoing skepticism and criticism from some circles regarding media biases and perceptions of candidate performance.

SEAN HANNITY: All right, so we know that fake Jake Tapper is a is not a Donald Trump supporter. He’s been pretty you know, transparent about it. He’s a liberal talk show host.

The same with Dana Bash. It’s going to be three on one. But you — the former president, you know, took on the challenge I don’t think you’ll regret it.

However, the Joe Biden that we’re talking about tonight, I don’t think will be the Joe Biden we’re going to see on debate night.

I think the Joe Biden we see on debate night is going to be the guy that we saw at the state of the Union — he’s going to be all hyped up, you know, hyper caffeinated. Whatever “it” is.

It’s interesting that 70% of the country does like the idea of drug testing. I like the idea. They do it to athletes, they do it to horses and horse racing. Why not do it to presidential candidates? I like the idea. 70% of Americans apparently agree with me.

However, what do you expect for the debate?

LARA TRUMP: Yeah, well, this is nothing new. Of course, the cards have always been stacked against Donald Trump. Since the day he came down the escalator to announce he was running for president as a Republican.

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Harrison Carter
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