Sean O’Malley Humiliating Tinder Photo Revealed

UFC Bantamweight fighter ‘Suga‘ Sean O’Malley recently had a fair share of being at the receiving end of criticism throughout his fight career. Claiming disputable losses to his bromance with rapper ‘Tekashi 69’, the 28-year-old has been under scrutiny a whole bunch of times. However, this time it is his wife that has grabbed the eyeballs of the MMA community.



A Tinder user inadvertently found the UFC star Sean and his wife Danya’s Tinder profile. While the account appears to be under his wife Danya’s nickname ‘Dany’, the profile picture involves the couple embracing each other in a kiss.

The profile reads, “Looking for an open minded girl to hang out with. Let us take you to dinner.”

This information is followed by ‘Suga’ and Dany’s Instagram accounts, in case someone wants to reach them out there. There is no word on the legitimacy of the account as of yet. However, fans are very well convinced this could very well be their profile, considering the duo has been in a publically open relationship for almost 7 years now.

It has been noted that Danya Gonzalez is born out of Phoenix, Arizona, a place that Sean now calls home.When they started dating each other, Gonzalez had only turned 23, while O’Malley was 20 years old. In late 2020, the couple had a daughter together named Elena. However, despite being committed to each other, the couple feels they aren’t obliged to one another.

Dany owns Hairapy by Danya, a professional hairdressing salon in Phoenix. Sean introduced her to the MMA world on an episode of ‘Food Truck Diaries’. On the show, he shared that the couple has been together way before O’Malley’s meteoric rise to the UFC’s top. As per him, Sean was only a professional boxer when they first met.

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