Sean Penn Reveals Truth About Hunter Biden

In a recent interview with New York Times reporter Maureen Dowd, actor and activist Sean Penn revealed a connection with Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, centered around a painting gifted to him by Hunter. Dowd described the painting, titled “The Map,” as prominently displayed in Penn’s Malibu home, depicting a black outline of a head surrounded by colorful, intricate brushstrokes.



Penn disclosed that his friendship with Hunter Biden began after a dinner with Congressman Eric Swalwell in Washington D.C., following a screening of Penn’s documentary “Superpower,” which focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Penn was pretty surprised after discovering that Hunter Biden also resides in Malibu, assuming he lived elsewhere due to his public profile.

I had no idea he lived down here,” Penn said of Hunter, who also lives in Malibu. “I thought he was off in some judicial-focused place that we see on TV.”

The painting, gifted to Penn by Hunter Biden, holds personal significance for Penn, as it was created during a period when Hunter was “in pieces” and rebuilding his life after battling drug addiction, a struggle Hunter has publicly acknowledged.

Penn described Hunter Biden as “very, very insightful,” highlighting their growing friendship, which included Hunter visiting Penn’s home with his family. Penn also attended a Hollywood fundraiser as Hunter’s guest, where President Biden and celebrities like George Clooney and Jimmy Kimmel were present.

Regarding his views on former President Donald Trump, Penn remained critical, describing him to Dowd as “shameful,” both in terms of his presidency and as a reflection of his character and lifestyle.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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