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Sean Waltman believes CM Punk will return to wrestling

CM Punk has claimed that he will never return to wrestling in his interviews after leaving WWE over and over again and so far he has proven to be true to his words.

However, if we believe former WWE Superstar and DX Member Sean Waltman, then Punk will return to the ring eventually even though he believes otherwise at this point

Waltman talked about the reports of Punk making an appearance on an indie show during his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast and claimed that he will eventually return to the ring:

‘I’m never coming back to wrestling.’ I mean he said that over and over again. History tells me that eventually, he will return to wrestling… A lot of people in entertainment that mean it just as much as he does eventually come back…. Trust me he will be back; I promise you at some point CM Punk will be back involved in wrestling,

Continuing on the topic, he said that nobody should be shocked when he returns as he did mean it when he said that he will never come back but history shows that everyone who meant it too comes back.

  • Tyler Maddocks

    His interviews were all over the place. I wouldn’t go as far as saying “he said he would never return again.” There are plenty of interviews out there where he said if the right deal came in.