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Sean Waltman calls Triple H a “beast” for finishing the match at Crown Jewel

Triple H suffered an injury in the form of a torn pectoral muscle during the DX’s bout against the Brothers Of Destruction at the recently concluded WWE Crown Jewel. The Game underwent surgery to repair the tear which will keep him on the sidelines for several months.

Sean Waltman a.k.a X-Pac talked about Triple H’s injury during the latest episode of X-Pac 1-2-360. Waltman praised his longtime friend’s decision to work through the match despite the injury while adding his own experience of having torn the muscle. Waltman elaborated:

“I just want to send some love to Triple H, Man, talk about a beast. I know what that feels like tearing your pec like that, and I finished the match but it had a minute left, he had 10-15 minutes. You could tell he was favouring it big time but they still finished the match and Shawn [Michaels] went out there like a boss and just held that shit together.”

  • Soulshroude

    Of course your going to call one of your “best friends” a beast for finishing with an injury. But you negate the fact that more often than not, most wrestlers always finish the match WITH an INJURY. HHH is no one special.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I will always be a HHH fan. This is who he is and he will probably come back stronger. But he also at the at the point in his career where he don’t have to be in the ring anymore. I actually thought WM 35 was going to be the last in ring for him. But now it maybe WM 36.

  • CC

    I know HHH has his detractors, and for good reason, but nobody can fault him when it comes to stuff like this.
    Tearing his pec in a match and carrying on is a mentality that a lot of wrestlers do not have. Here is a guy who finished his match (you could see how he was struggling to deliver the pedigree etc) and back in the day finished his match with a pair of torn quads, and then you have a guy like Nash who tears his quad and gives up. Or a guy like the original Sin Cara who wanted to stop a match due to a broken finger.
    Some might say that continuing is not the sensible option, but from a professional stand point it puts him a notch above many.
    I am sure it was Chris Jericho who had his arm broken in a match years ago, and carried on.

    That said, if an injury is significant enough that you cannot finish a match or the match has to be resolved on the fly (Austins neck break comes to mind), nobody is gonna hold that against anyone.