Sean Waltman on a possible solo Hall Of Fame induction

Sean Waltman was inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame last year as part of DX and he will make history as the first-ever back to back inductee as part of nWo this year.



Though once thing that Waltman hasn’t achieved yet is a solo induction and many people wonder when or if the former Champion will ever be inducted by himself.

During a recent interview with AfterBuzz TV, the former WWE star talked about a number of things but when asked about a solo induction, Waltman said that he has no desire for the same:

“I have no desire whatsoever to stand up on that stage by myself and be inducted as a [single’s wrestler]. To be a part of something bigger and greater than yourself is just an amazing feeling to me, and I don’t need that. I don’t need ‘me, me, me’, what about me? I got plenty of me, I’m just happy to be a part of something greater than me.”

Apart from this, Sean Waltman also talked about getting the news of his second Hall Of Fame induction and revealed that he got the call regarding it three weeks ago.

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