Sean Waltman on Shawn Michaels’ return, if this will be one off thing

WWE finally confirmed Shawn Michael’s return for the upcoming Crown Jewel event during the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, after months of speculations.



During the latest episode of his X-Pac 12360 podcast, former DX Member Sean Waltman talked about this announcement and if this will be a one-time thing for Michaels.

While talking about the announcement of his return, Sean said that Shawn was originally sticking to his retirement and he would have liked to see him return sooner:

“Hey [DX is] going to Saudi Arabia, [Shawn Michaels] was sticking to his guns on this whole retirement thing and I would have liked to see him do it sooner. [The fans] wanted him to come back for a long time and I respect the hell out of his reasons for not doing it, and I respect the hell out of his reasons for doing it now, making money!”

Discussing his upcoming bout and if it will be a one-off thing, Sean said that it will depend on how his return match goes and it could lead to more things.

Shawn Michaels is currently scheduled to team up with Triple H and take on the Brothers Of Destruction at the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV from Saudi Arabia.

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