Sean Waltman planning wrestling return in 2021

While Sean Waltman has wrestled a few matches in the past decade for smaller promotions, none of these bouts had the hype fitting for the in ring return of the former DX member.



However, it appears that the star also known as 1–2–3 Kid and X-Pac has not given up just yet and he is actually planning a return for himself in 2021.

On the latest episode of his X-Pac 12360 podcast, Waltman discussed being unhappy with his final match in WWE. He went on to reveal that he has been cured of the Hepatitis C that has kept him from wrestling for big companies since 2010:

“I had Hepatitis C for a long time and that kept me. I couldn’t get cleared in states with athletic commissions. So, TNA and WWE couldn’t have me in matches. I would just do little matches. Nothing serious, no blood. Now, I’m cured everyone. Just this year, I got cured. I haven’t mentioned it publicly. It costs $100 a treatment. It’s $1,000 a pill every day. I feel great. I didn’t feel anything.”

Sean Waltman continued by saying that he is now looking to treat some previous injuries he sustained and confirmed that he will put himself in the market next year:

“Sometime next year, I’ll put myself on the market, have a few more matches. People go, ‘Hey, you got another run left in you’. Everyone thinks they got one more run left in them. I don’t care if a dude’s in a wheelchair; he’ll swear to God he has another run left in him.”

After the revelation, Waltman was asked how many matches he thinks he has left in him and the former WWE star claimed that he probably has half a dozen good hard matches left in him.

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