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Sean Waltman on if he will return to WWE for a run in Cruiserweight Division

Sean Waltman

Former WWE Star Sean Waltman recently appeared on WZ Daily and he talked about many WWE related topic. Below are some of the highlights from his interview:

When asked if he would return to the company for a run in the Cruiserweight Division, the former WWE Star said that he wouldn’t mind returning, but not for the Cruiserweight Division

“No, I’m not. Definitely not. Nope. I am not saying I won’t come back and do something but I can’t even imagine doing that.”

In the wake of the recent reports of The Undertaker Possibly returning to WWE for one more match, Waltman was asked about his thoughts on the whole situation.

Replying to it the former DX member said that he would be really surprised if the WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns was Taker’s final bout:

“I would be really surprised if this past WrestleMania was his last match ever. Really surprised. Everyone was saying at the time, “Oh! This is it!” I didn’t. I didn’t buy it even then. When they did that thing at the end where he put all of that stuff in the ring I thought, “Maybe so.” Maybe at the time he really thought, “This is it.” Wouldn’t you feel like that? Put yourself in a really bad place and think, “I’m done. I need to hang it up.” When you start feeling better you start to think, “Well, maybe not so fast there…”

Apart from this, Sean Waltman also talked about Enzo Amore joining the Cruiserweight Division and more.

  • CC

    They ain’t gonna touch him as an in ring performer if he has that. I remember how pissed off they were with someone keeping that quiet who bled in the ring with Taker (think it was Bob Orton).

  • pitfallharry219

    He’s got hep C. Not sure if WWE would want to mess with that.

  • BB

    Haha. He cleaned himself up and got himself back into shape. He does look pretty clean and healthy at the moment. Hope it sticks and he doesn’t relapse.

  • CC

    Waltman has been in terrible shape for years, and last time I saw him he looked like he had eaten another Sean Waltman, he was so fat. So I doubt unless he has trimmed down massively, that he could be under 205lbs.