Season 9 premiere of Total Divas draws lowest viewership in show’s history

Total Divas’ season 9 premiere which saw the addition of Ronda Rousey and Sonya Deville drew only 252,000 viewers, which marks the lowest viewership over the course of the show’s history. The numbers were disclosed by the Showbuzz Daily.



In comparison, season 8 drew an average of 391,700 with the finale gathering 412,000 viewers. Check out the viewerships for the previous three seasons below:

Episode 1: 252,000 viewers
Season 8 Total: 3.917 million viewers over 10 episodes
Season 8 Average: 391,700 viewers per episode

Season 7 Total: 6.991 million viewers over 12 episodes
Season 7 Average: 582,583 viewers per episode

Season 6 Total: 9.193 million viewers over 16 episodes
Season 6 Average: 613,000 viewers per episode


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