Secret Service ‘Destroyed Tapes’ Of Biden’s…

The Secret Service has confirmed that it has “destroyed” video footage capturing an incident where President Biden’s German shepherd, Commander, attacked one of its agents on June 15, 2023. This revelation comes in response to a Freedom of Information Act  request from the Daily Mail, which sought access to the video after its existence was noted in earlier document releases related to public-records litigation by Judicial Watch.



According to the Secret Service, the video footage no longer exists due to agency “retention standards.” This deletion has raised concerns about transparency, especially considering the severity of the incident. The attack led to the suspension of White House tours briefly to clean up the agent’s blood, as detailed in records.

While the Secret Service spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi, suggested that the video’s deletion was likely due to routine record retention policies rather than deliberate concealment, records obtained by Judicial Watch suggest otherwise. These records indicate instances where the Secret Service was instructed to delete logs of attacks shortly after they occurred, raising questions about the handling of information related to Commander’s aggressive behavior.

President Biden has reportedly witnessed at least three attacks by Commander, prompting safety measures such as relocating the dog to live with family members outside the White House. Previous incidents involving Commander and Biden’s other German shepherd, Major, have also been documented, highlighting ongoing challenges with the dogs’ behavior despite efforts to address them.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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