Secret Service Investigate Trump Friend For Biden Threat

Donald Trump’s buddy John Schneider thought that sharing irrelevant and dangerous things about the President of The United States of America Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden on the social media platform X would go unnoticed by the secret service team. It turns out that the ’80s star is now getting investigated for his remarks against the President and his son.



According to Mediaite, Deadline shared the news which states that “sources close to events confirm a probe is in the preliminary stage.” John had tweeted, “Mr. President, I believe you are guilty of treason and should be publicly hung. Your son too. Your response is..? Sincerely, John Schneider.” The Secret Service team and the White House officials are silent on the entire matter.

The actor spoke to Deadline and said, “Seriously, folks? This is my final comment on this. I neither said nor implied any such thing. Despite headlines claiming otherwise, in my post, I absolutely did not call for an act of violence or threaten a U.S. president as many other celebrities have done in the past. I suggest you re-read my actual post and pay attention to the words before believing this nonsense. It’s my position, which I am entitled to have, that some of our nations leaders in Washington have lost their way, and corruption runs rampant, both on our nation’s borders and abroad. Transparency and accountability must happen in order for our constitutional republic to survive. There is no threat implied or otherwise in that statement.”

It’s worth noting that the post has been deleted by the actor, but it looks like the damage has been done. According to the Law, no one is allowed to make knowing and willful threats to kill, or kidnap, along with inflicting any bodily harm to the President, VP, predecessors, possible successors, and their immediate family. We would have to see what comes out of the investigation.

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