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Seth Green On Camp WWE And Vince McMahon Working On The Show

Seth Green recently spoke with to promote the “Camp WWE” adult cartoon series that airs on the WWE Network. Here are the highlights.

On Vince McMahon doing the voiceover work for his character:

Originally, we had just assumed that we’d have all actors and hadn’t thought that anybody would want to play themselves. But when they proposed the idea of Vince playing Vince, that just gave us a completely different opportunity for the kind of content that we would write. He’s an expert performer for over 30 years and we had no doubt that we could enhance his existing characteristics into absurdity and that he would be an expert at performing it. And we were right. I don’t think people are ready, man.

On reimagining WWE Superstars as 8- and 9-year-old campers:

We just stayed true to the characters. We just tried to find the things that are specific about them and then make them applicable. John Cena’s the best example of it because he’s such a huge persona, like a champion for so long and so awesome and a good dude. And somehow, over time, with him just being so awesome, it made the audience conflicted: “Do we love this guy? Or, do we hate him for always being so predictably awesome?” Making that into a kid that’s not going to quit is just hilarious for us. He’s real and never quits, but nobody likes him at the same time.

On the TV-MA rating of the show:

I’ve made TV-MA network content and this stays right in those parameters. This is on par with “Archer” or “South Park.” We applied that level of intellectual observation to this universe. We’re trying to write stories that are deeply emotionally textured and also madcap silly because these characters are so much larger than life in reality. Once you start to extrapolate, you can get into amazing territory.

You can read the entire interview here.