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Seth Rollins addresses Jon Moxley’s anti-WWE comments

Seth Rollins Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose

  • Chad Boswell

    Everyone has at one point in that company. WWE champion Dean Ambrose remember that?

  • Chad Boswell

    All 3 Shield guys are set for life now. Yeah by the time they got to the “Bane” Ambrose both had given up. Ambrose knew his contract was up and not renewing it and WWE didn’t care because he was leaving.

  • Chad Boswell

    Ambrose likely would have said the same when he was on top and WWE champion.

  • rob

    LOL yeah is easy to be happy when you are the champion, and NO wwe hasn’t produce a good show in along long long time, the only surprinsing thing about it is some people are just now realizing that, wwe has a really devoted fanbase, but even the most hardcore fan will admit wwe is going downhill

  • CC

    While I agree with some aspects of what Rollins is saying, I think he is ignoring the fact that no matter how great some people are, and how much work they put in, WWE will never book them properly or push them to where they should be.
    Ambrose should have been booked better in WWE, and the biggest reason he left was due to the fact they kept giving him crap booking. Lets face it, the heel turn he did earlier this year should have made him the top heel in the company, but instead of giving us the true loose cannon character that Ambrose can really get behind, they gave him that childish germophobe who thinks fans smell gimmick. Way to absolutely bury one of the best timed heel turns ever WWE.

    Seths point of view is scewed by the success he has had, and by the fact that WWE is 100% behind him, something Dean never truly had.

    But the thing is, and this is kinda where I agree with Seth, were it not for his time in WWE and the huge name they made him, Ambrose would not be the in demand guy that he is now. He would probably still be stuck in CZW doing ridiculous hardcore matches.

  • Vinny Mac

    That’s right, Seth, keep eating from my annus. That’s good sh*t!