Seth Rollins apologizes to Will Ospreay for Twitter feud, Ospreay responds

As of late, Twitter feuds between competitors of two different promotions were at an all-time high. Seth Rollins and Will Ospreay had quite a few things to say to one another and things ended up getting heated very quickly.



However, Seth Rollins took to his Twitter handle earlier today to bury the hatchet with the Aerial Assassin. Rollins apologized to Ospreay for having made comparisons between their bank accounts and said that it was “dumb” and that he was “too stubborn” for his own good.

However, Rollins stayed adamant about his claims that WWE is the best pro-wrestling on the planet. He went on to praise the company and the people who put together the shows every week.

Rollins then went on to assure his followers that there’d be no garbage tweets from his side anymore and that he will become better.

Ospreay also took to his Twitter to accept Rollins’ apology and went on to praise Rollins’ career as a pro-wrestler. He also asked Rollins to keep supporting the promotion that he works for.

However, Ospreay did ask Rollins to buy him a Nando’s.



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