Seth Rollins Calls Out Brock Lesnar Before WrestleMania

Seth Rollins is dropping huge bombshells on us. This bombshell comes at the expense of Brock Lesnar. While both wrestlers have had their limelight, it looks like Seth has some unique opinions on Brock that many others don’t seem to share equally. Seth Rollins ‘Angers’ Michael Cole By Going Off Script.



Seth Rollins has recently posted an interesting story on his Instagram. The story features a clip from Rollins’ Universal title match against Brock at WrestleMania 35, which took place back in 2019. The story posted by Rollins highlights the final moments of the match in which Rollins used Curb Stomps on Brock and pinned him to become the new Universal Champion at the time.

In the story that Rollins posted which features the stomps, Rollins posted the message underneath the video stating: “I miss Brock!” Now, is this Rollins truly missing his opponent or is this Rollins playing to get under the skin of Lesnar? It’s not so clear.

What we do know is that we hope to see both back in action as soon as possible together. The WWE could definitely benefit from seeing both of their faces again inside of the ring one on one once again. Will we see this soon? Is Rollins letting out a message? We will see.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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