Seth Rollins Humiliates Diva After Family Tragedy

WWE is a company that takes pride in being the standard bearer for the wrestling world. The wrestling juggernaut has been in the news for all reasons, but nothing seems to be going around in order for the company as of this moment in various areas.



The country hosting WWE Crown Jewel has an ‘imminent attack’ threat and now Dana Brooke has taken offence to Seth Rollins’ comments. WWE knows that it introduced the 24/7 Championship from the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley on the May 20, 2019, episode of Monday Night Raw.

It was an attempt to fill in for the superstars that weren’t used on television. WWE ensured that the superstars got time, but over time the execution of the title reigns made it more like a catch game where the championship started losing substance.

WWE superstar Seth Rollins addressed the possibility of Austin Theory cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on him last week. Theory, according to Rollins, has a better chance of cashing in on Dana Brooke than Roman Reigns. Speaking to Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Dana Brooke addressed this issue and had this to say:

“I’ve taken it many times, Sam Roberts, Corey Graves, and now Seth Rollins. They don’t see what I do behind the scenes. It’s always about an opportunity and I’m waiting on that opportunity to come out there and show them what I can do. But behind the scenes, I’m working 24/7. I’m in the ring here. I’m working out at the gym. I do boxing classes. I work on promo skills, acting classes, everything. I’m doing it all and never missed a day of work ever.

I’ve had deaths in the family. I’ve showed up to work that following week just because I want that opportunity. I really do. People always see what is showcased out there in the ring or what’s on TV, but they never see how someone is working behind the scenes. I promise you I’m the hardest working woman. I said talk is cheap because I have that aggression. I have that pent up, you know, anger inside that I’m just ready to let out and show the world that I can do it. Trust me, I can do it. I’m just as good and as equal as every other woman on the roster. At the end of the day, my time will come.”

It’s clear that Seth Rollins isn’t taking the title seriously. It’s also possible that this is a work to get Dana Brooke into the topic of discussion. Fans had recently started talking about giving Dana Brooke a chance using #GiveDanaAChance. Dana Brooke has excelled in every character that she has done to date.

Despite her work with Titus O’Neil during The Prime Time Players and other work, Dana has been sidelined. She possesses the skills to get a championship run and prove her worth and work to the fans and the superstars. Dana Brooke has a possibility of being a central topic, thanks to Seth Rollins’ mention.

The Visionary has envisioned an approach that will help the current 24/7 champion become relevant in WWE with her storylines. She may come out and relinquish the 24/7 championship and ask for more championships in the women’s division. It’s a voice that the fans and female superstars have raised alike.

WWE fans would be aware that there was a time when #GiveDivasAChance trended on Twitter and it changed the way people perceived the women’s locker room. The female superstars have proven that they can step up and deliver on any expectation.

Do you think Seth Rollins made the right move by mentioning Dana Brooke? Sound off in the comments.

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