Seth Rollins ‘Is Worried’ About Fired WWE Star

Seth Rollins said he’s worried about fired WWE star Hornswoggle’s upcoming shoot fight in a new Barstool Sports interview.



“Has Dillon been training for this? This is just straight boxing? No MMA? Oh wow. This guy [Jeremy Smith] knocks guys out in one-minute rounds? He looks like Brock Lesnar, a little Brock Lesnar, I see him here in he’s no joke. Oh no, yeah man… Dillon doesn’t look great here. He doesn’t look great. If he can talk them into the room like a Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather thing then he has my respect, but I fear for Dillon. I fear for his safety. Yeah.”

He added, “Dillon, I hope the best for you, my friend. You’ve been a great friend for a long time, but I think you’re going to get knocked out by this guy. I would be afraid to fight this guy. Bless you.”

JBL is not known to be the nicest cat in the neighborhood and it seems that cancel culture may be on his tail at this point. JBL could be facing some hot water as a WWE fan just lashed out on him severely and in a truly scary way. JBL ‘Disgusting’ WrestleMania Remark Leaks.

On JBL’s Facebook page, the moderator of the page shared some mail they had received in their inbox that pertains directly to JBL and how he has seemingly treated others. The fan alluded to how they could get JBL fired and never to work for WWE ever again.

The moderator of the JBL page captioned the screenshot from the fan stating: “Never heard of this guy but he threatened me if I made this public. I just don’t do well with threats. So, here’s some of My fan mail. As JBL would say “the lion doesn’t care what the sheep thinks”

The screenshot itself was quite hard to understand as it doesn’t seem that English is the senders first language, so I’ll paraphrase for the sake of understanding: “Don’t you think you should apologize to Palmer Cannon, Muhammad Hassan, Justin Roberts, and referee Billy Silverman so you won’t end up in Hell with Chris Benoit urinating in your mouth?”

The sender continues: “My Uncle is an executive at Fox business. If you share this message publicly, I’ll make sure that you won’t be on TV anymore to share your useless stock tips that don’t make you money anyways.”

We will continue to follow this story if needed, but it seems to just be a troll.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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