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Seth Rollins not the star WWE hoped him to be

Seth Rollins has had an incredible career so far in the WWE, not only as part of The Shield but also as a solo performer.  He reached new heights after turning babyface and earning the title of the Kingslayer by defeating Triple H at WrestleMania last year. However, recent events have turned out to be somewhat discouraging for him.

On Oh, You Didn’t Know, Brad Shepard reported that Rollins’ Intercontinental Title Match at WWE TLC was viewed with disappointment backstage.

It is already known that McMahon was furious about it, but Shepard added that the company thinks the match was a ‘flop’ and the storyline of Rollins beating Triple H was a ‘massive waste of time.’ Simply put, those in charge do not think that Rollins is as big of a star as he should be.

Of course, WWE is always unpredictable with their decisions and they may continue with their plans for Rollins even after this. There are still rumors floating of him facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35, even if it seems unlikely.

With any luck, the company will be able to put together a good storyline for The Architect as he would certainly help to fill the hole left by Roman Reigns.

  • Your English Teacher

    I understand that, but writing rules dictate that pronouns are not used in a sentence unless the subject is named in that sentence. Each sentence needs to be able to be understandable apart from any title or any other sentence. Any editor or professor would mark this for change on anything you turn in.

  • Luke

    The lousy article aside, he isn’t a star for the reason NOBODY is a star right now: His athletic ability is first-rate, but his character just isn’t there. How long did it take for burn-it-down to get over? Way too long. Someone like The Rock or Chris Jericho would have got that over with ease, because they know that wrestling is more than the actual wrestling, it’s about connecting at an emotional level with the crowd. Look at Steve Austin. Yes he’s a great wrestler, but what we remember is the promos, the beer truck and the humour. Seth- and the WWE writers- have forgotten why most people (not smarks) become fans of wrestlers.

  • Keith Learmonth

    This article is a bad one, I agree, but the subject was named in the article headline. Anyone with a basic grasp of English could infer that’s who this is talking about, Teach.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’d be angry at the writer and producer of the segment more than Rollins, in this case.

    Rollins and Ambrose had a technically fantastic match. Problem is, it was a heated, deeply personal feud, which shouldn’t have been a nice match. It should’ve been Rollins beating the hell out of Ambrose, and when it wasn’t that, fans rejected it. Rollins isn’t the guy that gets to choose how the story of his match gets laid out, though. He answers to a producer when it comes to that.

  • Anon

    I messaged Amish to let him know about the many problems with Harrison’s writings. Now we wait.

  • The Random Reader

    I believe he is a big star and can make an interesting match, forget about those egotistic women thinking they are better than the guys, they do not.

  • jamesjones

    could have sworn he was the most popular star over the summer into him winning the ic title

  • Rajah

    Most of his “articles” are based on opinions via various Podcasts

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Harrison, give it a break. This is an “opinion” piece with no actual facts present. The title is misleading.

  • Your English Teacher

    “He reached new heights after turning babyface and earning the title of
    the Kingslayer by defeating Triple H at WrestleMania last year. However,
    recent events have turned out to be somewhat discouraging for him” Who are you talking about here? You do not use pronouns in a sentence until you have named the the subject.

  • CC

    Same story essentially for the 3rd time. Absolutely nothing new here.
    Please just stop.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think the dirt sheet been having a field day with the bad match between Seth Rollins vs Dean Amborse. I think the biggest problem with the match it should have been a Ladder or a Table match. It was just a normal match and the fans expected more.

  • BB

    100%. Seth is absolutely not at fault here. It’s not his problem, it’s creatives. It’s a combination of that and their rehearsed lines. Let Seth get over on his own by giving him more freedom, much like every other superstar in the past that wasn’t restricted. Have faith in your superstars. And not just Seth but that goes for everybody else, too. As a fan I can tell it’s not genuine. You watch any superstar from the past and it all felt geunine (to an extent). It all feels so rehearsed now and I honestly just fast forward through all the speaking stuff on Raw/Smackdown and just watch the matches.


    He isn’t as big of a star as he could be. But the WWE creative is mostly to blame for that. Bane Ambrose is a joke and no one is laughing. That’s why the angle isn’t hot. Less of the blame goes to Seth and Bane Ambrose and more goes to WWE creative.