Seth Rollins on getting negative fan reaction

Seth Rollins was once one of the most over babyfaces in WWE but things have changed in the past few months and Rollins has started receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd.



During his appearance at the latest episode of WWE Backstage, the former Universal Champion talked about a number of things and he also discussed this change in the audience’s reaction.

The former Shield member claimed that the negative comments do affect you and he then said that it has become a cool thing to hate the top guys:

It’s the cool thing to do is hate me. The cool thing is to hate the guy on top. I’m not going to say I’m the first, I’m not breaking ground. Roman before me, Cena was the same thing, he may have pioneered it. Bret Hart, maybe the same thing.

The former World Champion went on to compare himself to John Cena and Roman Reigns, saying that he is the kind of guy who will push back:

This is my life, I love this business, so when you put so much into it, to feel like I get disrespected. I’m going to push back. I’m not a guy, like [John] Cena who’s gonna put motivational quotes on Twitter, or like Roman [Reigns] and kind of hang back.

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