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Seth Rollins responds to Roman Reigns saying he will be on Raw

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Earlier this week the Big Dog Roman Reigns claimed that he will be returning to Raw this week in a tweet which WWE denied later on.

After the company released a statement stating that Roman will not be on the show, Reigns once again claimed that he will be opening the Red Branded Show this week.

While whether or not he will actually be at the show will be revealed tonight, one thing that is sure is that Seth Rollins will welcome Reigns if he shows up at the show.

Rollins sent out the following tweet and commenting on the possibility of his brother being on Raw, he said that that he will have a cold one ready for the former Universal Champion:

As we noted before, reports suggest that WWE is indeed planning to have some SmackDown Superstars make an appearance on Raw in order to try and keep the ratings for the show above 2 million.

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    Agreed – WWE needs to get away from the “X superstar is/isn’t a draw” mentality. If the stories are compelling and consistent then you can make ANYONE into a star (the late 90s are evidence of this). The fact is that WWE isn’t must-see tv anymore, particularly now that they recap everything to death and people can just watch whatever segment/match that vaguely interests them online at any point after the fact.

    I don’t care who you put on screen, how big they are, or how athletic they are IF they’re still doing the same basic two step while expecting me to voluntarily waste 3 hours of my life every Monday.

  • CC

    Do people in WWE really think Reigns is gonna help ratings? Yes I know he has gained in popularity since coming back, but even after he returned RAW ratings were still dropping, so it is not like he is enough to bring in viewers.
    Hell, nobody is these days, even fan favourites like Bryan, Lynch and Kingston.

    The only way you are gonna get any kind of ratings spikes would involve names like The Rock, Stone Cold and CM Punk.

    The only way to get consistantly better ratings is to make the shows better and stop with all the crap like people shaving backs.