Seth Rollins reveals he wasn’t prepared for red lighting in 2019 HIAC match against Fiend

Seth Rollins recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump ahead of Sunday’s Hell In A Cell PPV where he recalled his own matches inside the massive structure.



Rollins did not have a match at this year’s PPV but he was asked what advice he would give to the people who are competing in cage matches and he told them to survive.

The former Universal Champion then recalled his own Hell In A Cell match with the Fiend and revealed that he wasn’t actually prepared for the red lighting that was used in the bout:

“Yeah, I’ve had some brutal ones. You have to go in there prepared for anything. Last year, I went in unprepared for the red lighting; I didn’t think I had to wrestle in red lighting. Yeah, so, those who are competing, you might have to be prepared for lighting changes… It’s an exciting adrenaline popping thing, but it’s one of those deals where after you’ve done it once, you can let other people handle it.”

Seth Rollins faced The Fiend in a Hell In A Cell match at the PPV of the same name in 2019. It was one of the first matches for Bray Wyatt in his new persona and the decision to use red lighting for the match had received mixed reactions online.

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