Seth Rollins Reveals Sad Truth About CM Punk

The former WWE Champion Seth Rollins is one of the top stars of the company. He has incredible mic skills and he had previously shocked the fans when he namedropped AEW star Jon Moxley during a promo segment on WWE Friday Night SmackDown in January. He was building his feud with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns ahead of their title match at the WWE Royal Rumble.



Seth Rollins reveals he received heat backstage after namedropping Jon Moxley

Speaking to Jimmy Traina of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Rollins said no one backstage mentioned anything to him about bringing up Moxley’s name, and the reason he mentioned Moxley’s name was due to him being part of their history. Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose in WWE) alongside Rollins and Reigns were part of one of the most dominant factions of the company, The Shield. Eventually, Moxley walked off the company and joined AEW.

There have been some AEW stars who have mentioned WWE on television such as CM Punk and MJF. Rollins said it’s an easy way for AEW stars to get attention by mentioning WWE. Here is what he said about the matter

“Yeah, to me, it’s one of those things where, if it’s very useful, it’s fine. To me, the references you spoke of are two kinds of different things, right?. I didn’t use the reference to Mox to talk down to somebody. I wasn’t trying to diminish anyone’s accomplishments…it wasn’t like that. He’s part of our story, Roman wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Mox and I.

He added:

“The other side of that coin is the way that it can be used by those guys. And look, they can do whatever they want. I find it very tacky and low-brow, personally. I think it looks and reeks of desperation. I don’t think it’s anything on our television show that we need to go there and talk down about those guys. They are doing their thing, they’re doing it very well, we’re very happy for them. I am, at least personally. Are they on our level? No. They have a long way to go to catch up to us. That’s fine and they know that. They do things differently. From my perspective, it’s a little step down for us to use it as an insult. And so that’s my perspective. People may not share that opinion.”

Rollins recently revealed that he is scheduled to have a meeting with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Rollins previously stated that he would get what he wants. Ahead of the latest edition of Monday Night RAW he had a meeting with the WWE Chairman and it was announced that he will work WrestleMania 38 but his opponent will be revealed at the show. It is speculated that Cody Rhodes will be revealed as his opponent.

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