Seth Rollins Rumored The Shield Reunion Revealed

On the latest episode of the “Nitty Gritty Dirt Show” on, host Billi Bhatti and former WWE writer Vince Russo, discussed how there were plans for a remaining members of The Shield reunion on the road to WrestleMania 37 by ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, leading to a match. This plan was changed though with Edge winning the Royal Rumble.



Wrestling-Edge transcribed Bhatti’s comments below. These Seth Rollins rumored WrestleMania championship plans just recently leaked.

Bhatti: So the options were relatively simple. Either Seth Rollins would align with Roman Reigns and they would say that they get to have this match where Roman would be convincing him to go the other route to go to Raw and challenge Drew McIntyre and eventually Rollins would turn on Roman which would have made him a babyface. That makes sense and is almost shoehorning the Brock Lesnar storyline that they wanted to do but Brock is stuck in Canada so he won’t be making WrestleMania.

Bhatti continued: That’s why that one makes sense because Rollins was taking the Brock story where he was friends with Roman – or in Brock’s case -friends with Paul and Paul would have been the one saying to go to Raw and let’s dominate the whole company but in this case it would be Roman saying the exact same thing. Jon Moxley revealed if he still keeps in touch with Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins not too long ago.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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