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Seth Rollins shared nude photos of himself with Kaitlyn according to ex-husband

During an appearance on “The Delray Misfits” Podcast, personal trainer PJ Braun discussed his past relationship with former WWE star Kaitlyn and during the discussion, spoke about Seth Rollins sending inappropriate photos to his then-wife:

“I’ll tell you who I f***ing hate. I hate Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins was sending, while I was still married, I’ll call her my ex-wife, naked pictures of himself getting out of the shower and s—. I saw it one day. It caused a huge fight between me and her. She was like, ‘That’s just who he is. He’s a flirty guy.’ He even got in trouble for having his dick out on Twitter or something like that. I’m like, ‘He knows that you are married. What the f— is going on?’ … If I ever got my hands on him I would have ripped his f—ing arms off. He’s just a little p—-.”

You can listen to the comments in the video below starting at 1:17:40 in…

This isn’t the first story to be released around Rollins’ sharing photos. In 2008, the former Shield member was in a relationship with Leighla Schultz, proposing to her 6 years later. Rumors then started to circulate he was dating fellow NXT star Zahra Schreiber, and in 2015 a nude photo of her was posted on his social media accounts. This was followed by Rollins’ then-financee posting naked pictures of The Architect which resulted in him issuing an apology. In February 2016, despite not mentioning why, Rollins confirmed he had split with Schreiber.

  • Lindsey Campbell

    Honestly i am on Team Rollins and that this happened when she was single in 2016 also he’s a better person now because has any nude pics of him ever been seen since 2015 no so he learned his lesson and met the love of his life who happens to be with him all of the time and who he’s been great friends with since 2013

  • Lindsey Campbell

    Go to hell if any of you think that he’s like this anymore people can change and he has for the better he’s literally said that Becky is what he needs in a woman and what you need and what you want are 2 different things and sometimes you think you need someone and you find out it’s actually what you wanted

  • CC

    And there is absolutely no way to back this up. Could just be a guy with sour grapes, and Rollins is an easy mark because he had nudes leak before.

    Could not care less one way or another, but I am sure people will make up there minds without hearing all sides of the story.

  • oppa

    If Seth did this, she’s certified scum and I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

  • Omar

    Disgusting behavior. Seth seems like a degenerate.

  • KEK

    Weird to see the Delray Misfits on this site. Back when I used to really be into lifting/bodybuilding these guys were huge. A bunch of guys associated with Jason Genova, though they seem to hate him now. I stopped watching years ago when they started talking about how great Trump was and began dropping N bombs and whining that people were going to get upset. Basically, its a podcast that aims at the massive amount of Trumptards you find on “fitness” message boards (aka lots of insecure dudes).

    For the record, PJ Braun is a pretty big piece of crap and notorious for doing the same exact kind of stuff that he is pissed off at Rollins about.

    “Tolerate my intolerance!!” – Conservatives

  • rob

    Lol that not been flirty, Rollins is a weirdo, Kaitlyin is hot tho

  • Sparti Love

    I didn’t find Kaitlyn attractive when she was in WWE but since she left…. Damnnnnn.. She looked so good in the MYC too