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Seth Rollins talks about Brock Lesnar killing the industry and more

  • Rinn13

    You know, it’s funny, because WWE wants him to say these things, to build “heat” for this dead-on-arrival WM match. Yet what he’s saying is actually true. Yes, to SOME morons out there, somehow Lesnar is still a “money draw”. But for a LOT of fans, Lesnar’s ridiculous time back in the WWE spotlight has been vomit inducing. No other star in WWF/E history, has been pushed AS much as he has since he returned (once, like Rousey, he wasn’t able to fight in MMA anymore), and has been allowed to work SUCH a light schedule, while not only becoming “World Champ”, but getting to KEEP the belt for months or even cumulative years, all while barely ever showing up and actually defending it.

    He’s the highest paid WWE star, and has been for years now. Yet he’s also the one who shows up the least, and worsts the least, out of all of them. A man who doesn’t care about his fellow wrestlers, the fans, or the business itself. He’s literally just a mercenary, out for a paycheck, yet that’s treated like that’s ok. Not only that, but he’s allowed to practically be WWE’s “Top Star”, made out to be this nigh-unbeatable monster, even being given the honor of ending Taker’s streak (which STILL makes me sick). He has earned or deserved zero of what he’s gotten since his return, yet Vince continues to pay him and be seemingly obsessed with him. And who knows, for all we honestly know, he might stick around some MORE after WM, even though he was rumored to be leaving as far back as LAST WM. Because why not? Why would he go actually put in work to fight or do anything else, when he gets paid more than perhaps any other wrestler in the entire INDUSTRY, yet only wrestles a handful of times a year.

  • AmishPatel

    Work or Shoot?