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Seth Rollins talks about working with Undertaker

Seth Rollins

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins recently had an interview with where he talked about many things including his early days in NXT, the Shield and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

Talking about the joint entrance theme of The Shield he revealed that it came from a legendary music maker of WWE and said that he misses his entrance through the crowd:

“It was composed by Jim Johnston – who’s a legendary music maker for WWE. Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock – he did all the best ones ever, so he kinda picks and chooses who he wants to work with nowadays and The Shield was his special project. I still miss it though, with our entrance through the crowd.”

Speaking of the time he got to wrestle with the Undertaker, Rollins revealed that they did another show earlier in the day and he didn’t really got a full grasp of what they were doing:

“I got into step into the ring with the Undertaker one time before he retired – it was a six-man tag match on Monday Night RAW in London. It was one of those nights I didn’t really get to fully grasp what we were doing. We had a show earlier in the day in Cardiff, Wales – and we took a helicopter to London! I had to basically get right into the ring and have a second match within a few hours”

Continuing on the topic, Seth revealed an interesting point of the match when he locked eyes with the Dead Man and claimed that sharing ring with Taker was very surreal for him:

“It was against Undertaker, Daniel Bryan and Kane though – so it was a tremendous experience. I remember looking across the ring at one point, locking eyes with a dead man – someone who’s an absolute legend, first ballot Hall-Of-Famer, one of the most incredible performers in the history of our industry. To share a ring with him is very surreal, especially considering our age difference.”

You can watch the match Seth Rollins was talking about below: