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Seth Rollins was going to be ”the face of TNA”

Seth Rollins’ journey to WWE is a well-known story. However, he might not have even signed with WWE as he was very close to signing a deal with TNA instead.

Rollins revealed on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness that had Jim Cornette not intervened, he would have become the ”face of TNA” according to what Dixie Carter had planned for him. Here is what he said:

“Terry (Taylor) calls me and offered me a three-year deal to come to TNA for substantially more money and far less dates than what I was having to do in ROH and a much easier style. I was like, ‘Oh, this sounds fantastic.’ Dixie Carter is calling me and is like, ‘You know Tyler, we want to have you, we’re looking to revamp the whole division and the whole company and we want to make you the face of TNA.’”

“I’m like, ‘This might be okay. I have friends there and they are on TV.’ I get this contract from TNA and I basically agree to it verbally on the phone with Terry Taylor.”

“They fax over the contract. Before I sign it, I call ROH and let them know what I’m interested in doing with TNA. ROH is being booked by Jim Cornette. He lost his mind when I told him I was going to sign with TNA. He was so irate. ‘Nobody gets over in TNA, they get under.’ He hated it. I sent him the contract to look over.”

“I called Johnny Ace one last time, he doesn’t answer. I leave him a voicemail saying, ‘I got this contract from TNA. If I don’t hear from you, I’m going there.’ Ten minutes later, he calls me back. He makes up all these excuses and is like, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow around lunchtime.’ Cornette gets the contract back to me and changed some things in it,”

Thankfully, Johnny Ace called Seth and then give him a chance to live his dreams and become a WWE superstar. Needless to say, this decision proved to be a great one for Rollins.

Jim Cornette also talked about Rollins’ encountering TNA and how Jim talked him out of it and sign with WWE instead. So we can thank Cornette in some part for Rollins’ WWE career.

  • CC

    In the fans eyes he, and Joe to a lesser extent, were the faces of TNA. They were the two main guys that were “made” by the company rather than being outside talent like many of the ex-WWE/WCW guys.
    And this is my point. The fans were 100% behind them as the faces of the company, but TNA failed them at every turn. And the same happened to guys like Roode as well, so why would they suddenly make an outside guy like Rollins into the “face” of the company when they had not shown that kind of support to the guys that were company stalwarts?

  • Big star, absolutely, but AJ was never really the face of TNA, even when they would make him world champ he was never the guy, at least from their marketing and booking decisions.

  • Killswitch

    Their faces keep jumping ship, too, part of the reason they have no face.

  • CC

    Being the face of TNA means nothing. AJ was the face of TNA and look what they did to him, trying to lowball him during contract negotiations that ended up driving him to Japan and then WWE.

    As much as WWE are douche bags most of the time, at least when they truly make someone “the face of WWE” like they did with Austin or Cena, they go all in.