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Several NXT superstars’ names have been changed


WWE’s developmental brand NXT is no stranger to changes and that is especially true for changing the names of superstars. Many names have been changed in the past and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The reasons for changing names vary. Some might be due to avoid copyright issues, others could be because they just sound better. According to PW Insider, WWE has made the following name changes to several superstars:

  • Malcolm Bivens is now called Courtenay Moore
  • Brennan Williams is now called Dio Maddin
  • Dan Matha is now Dorian Mak
  • MJ Jenkins is now Monique Jenkins
  • Nick Comoroto is now Nick Ogarelli
  • Robert Strauss is now Robert Stone
  • Rachael Evers is now called Rachel Ellering

The change in name for Rachel Evers makes sense as she is Paul Ellering’s daughter. We wonder if more names will be changed again in the future.

  • oppa

    Most of these changes are steps in the wrong direction

  • CC

    The Dio Maddin name change was done weeks ago and was even reported here, so is not another new name change.

    And as for Ellering, well that is just going back to her real name (minus the A in Rachael being dropped, unless that is a misspelling).