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Several WWE Legends became 24/7 Champion on RAW Reunion

24/7 Championship

The 24/7 Championship has been one of the best things about the recent WWE product. On the RAW Reunion edition of Monday Night RAW, several returning legends had a chance to taste 24/7 Championship gold.

We started of RAW with R-Truth as the Champion but thanks to a distraction by Renee Michelle, Drake Maverick managed to pin Truth and become the new champion. Maverick quickly escaped the scene and went to the locker room.

However, Maverick then came across Boogeyman who spooked him big time. Suddenly Pat Patterson came in with a referee and hit the champ with a few kicks.

Pat then pinned Maverick to become the new champion at the age of 78.

Later on, Patterson came across Gerald Briscoe backstage who took him by surprise and pinned him to become the new 24/7 Champion. However, Briscoe was then pinned by Kelly Kelly who became the first female Superstar to hold the 24/7 Championship.

However, Kelly Kelly’s championship reign ended when she encountered Candice Michelle, Melina, and Naomi. Melina revealed that she was wearing a referee’s shirt underneath her outfit and allowed Michelle to pin Kelly for the title.

Michelle had a little celebration of her own before she was taken down by WWE Hall of Famer Alaundra Blayze. Blayze forced Melina to make the count as she became the new 24/7 Champion. Blayze went on to claim that her title reign “won’t last long”.

Soon, Blayze came out to the arena and took out a trash can from underneath the announce desk. Blayze was trying to recreate her “trashing of the title” moment from 20 years ago. However, she was interrupted by the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase who bought the 24/7 Title from her.

Dibiase then went to the back and tried to leave with the title in his limousine but Drake Maverick awaited his arrival and pinned him inside the limo and came out as the new champion.

Finally, near the end of the show, with an assist from Carmella, R-Truth managed to pin Drake Maverick again to become the champion once again.


  • She-la!

    Well it does come across that way. Quite a few legends were looking ‘different’ to how they were 15 years ago yet she’s the one you single out for discussion. Unnecessary comment.

  • CC

    I don’t wanna come across as body shaming, but probably will anyway, but Candice Michelle did not look right in that outfit, and could barely even do her trade mark pose.
    I mean, she is in a lot better shape than me for certain, but then again I don’t wear tight fitting clothes because of that.
    People get older and people put on weight, its normal, but trying to act like you are 15 years younger just does not work.

  • ROB-1.

    This 24/7 title is a waste of time.