Shane McMahon Already In Trouble With AEW?

The departure of Shane McMahon from WWE is making the rounds. A backstage confrontation was also reported involving Shane and many speculated that he might go ‘All Elite’ by joining forces with Tony Khan. Wade Keller gave a lot of details on what happened between WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon backstage at the Royal Rumble.



Tony Khan might have reached out to Shane McMahon

Shane was noted to be very aggressive with producers and he was said to be more concerned about his involvement in the Rumble match rather than worrying about spots that would help out wrestlers in the match. The relationship between Vince and Shane seems to have cracks. Keller noted that there have been some issues long before the Royal Rumble and people backstage were not surprised to see things fall apart.

Keller also noted how the “Shane is All Elite” memes are surfacing on social media. It was noted that Shane McMahon received offer from top AEW names. However, people in WWE want Tony Khan to know the what Khan should expect if he closes a deal with Shane. No interest has been noted from Khan as of yet.

“Yes, the [fake meme] graphics are out [saying] Shane is All Elite,” Keller said. “Tony Khan may or may not reach out to Shane.”

Keller added:

“People in WWE are letting me know that someone should warn Tony Khan what he’s in for if he brings Shane in, because the sense of entitlement, and I don’t know if ego is the right word, that Shane would bring along with him in a company that isn’t WWE would probably be amplified compared to how he was acting on Saturday, which was just basically out of control.”

We will have to see if Shane decides to sign a deal with Khan and it will be interesting to see how he could fit in the company.

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