Shane McMahon ‘Banned’ WWE Star From Office

Shane McMahon has been away from WWE for quite some time. It has been revealed by a former WWE writer that Shane had once poked and stepped on a poster of WWE legend Randy Savage.  Undertaker Daughter Huge WWE Rumor Leaks



Brian Solomon states Shane McMahon destroyed a poster of Randy Savage

The former WWE writer Brian Solomon recently appeared on the 6:05 Superpodcast with Brian Last. Solomon had worked for WWE as a writer back in 2000-07. He was the writer/editor for WWE Magazine, SmackDown Magazine, and RAW Magazine.

Solomon spoke in detail about WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage and revealed that his name was restricted to mention.  Solomon further stated that Shane McMahon was the head of his department for a brief period. He once noticed Savage’s poster on the wall and proceeded to destroy it by poking it and stepping on it.

“I can tell you it was definitely a name that you can’t bring up. Among the jobber crew of us working there, you can say whatever you want. Among certain people, you definitely didn’t want to bring that name up,” said Brian Solomon.

“We would have wrestling posters on the wall. We had a Randy Savage one up. I remember at one time I was working for Shane McMahon. He was the head of our department for a little while. I remember he came out of his office. He saw the Randy Savage poster tacked to the wall. He walked over to it. He literally poked it as hard as he could with his fingers repeatedly until it fell off the wall, then he stepped on it, and walked back into his office,” said Brian Solomon about Shane McMahon.

It is not known what had happened between Shane and Savage that led to the former take this action.

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