Shane McMahon ‘Disrespected’ WCW Star Backstage

Son of the famed Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon has always been known to be a bit more “fair” version of his father. This may not be the case for everyone backstage over the years, however. One WCW star is speaking out and he is speaking out loud and clear to what he had to endure from Shane McMahon himself. Shane McMahon ‘Pulled’ From WWE Fastlane.



Lance Storm was recently interviewed by the legendary Tommy Dreamer on Tommy’s podcast “The House Of Hardcore”. Lance spoke about his years throughout his career both in and out of the world of WWE. Lance had a fair amount to say about his time in WWE and Shane McMahon.

Lance stated the following: “When I got to WWE, I sensed early on, even at the last Nitro, Shane McMahon came up to me and I’m assuming he was trying to put me over because he used my catchphrase when he said hi to me, but he got it wrong. It really hit me that they sort of know what we are doing here, but they don’t fully. I think there is a labeling system in wrestling and there was the, ok, what’s his deal? They took the ‘he’s serious’ for ‘he doesn’t show emotions and he has no personality.’ I had a personality. I was a very mean, angry, son of a b**ch that had an attitude.

Lance Storm continues: “It just wasn’t one that tolerated silly. It got translated and so Brian Gewirtz when I got to WWE, he takes that and goes, ‘We see you as Sam the Eagle from The Muppets. That’s what we see you as.’ Then for my backstage promos and in ring promos, I was constantly told, ‘More monotone. More dull. We see you as this monotone, emotionless robot.’ For backstage segments, a lot of times they would tell me to do four or five takes because they would say, ‘Dull it down. Dull it down. Dull it down.’ I’m like, ‘Ok, I’ll do what I’m told.’ Then after a few months of that, I have Jericho pull me aside and he said, ‘Yeah, I just sat in a production meeting. Do you know you’re getting buried in production meetings for not having enough emotion in your promos?’

Lance finished: “I said, ‘They made me do retakes to make them more dull.’ He’s like, “Well, you’re getting buried for not having enough emotion in your promos.’ It was a lost in translation thing that not everyone knows.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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