Shane McMahon ‘Humiliated’ On WWE Plane

Shane McMahon has been away from WWE for quite sometime now. Recently, the former WWE star Pete Gas recalled how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had laughed when Mean Street Posse member Rodney pranked Shane McMahon during a flight.



Pete Gas opens up on Shane McMahon getting pranked

Shane had thrown a couple of magazines in Rodney’s face while he attempted to sleep on a plane. Rodney got his own back by asking a flight attendant to let people know that his real-life friend was happy to sign autographs for everyone. Sasha Banks Embarrassing WWE Hiatus Rumor Leaks

Speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Gas said Vince McMahon was sitting alongside his son in first class during the flight. The WWE Chairman thought the prank was amusing and instantly laughed when he heard Rodney’s request.

“I’m just sitting there next to him [Rodney] laughing because I knew he [Shane McMahon] didn’t have an angle against me anyway, but Rodney he did. And Rodney wants to kill him. So he goes over to the stewardess, a flight attendant comes by, and he says, ‘Excuse me, can you let the passengers know that WWF Superstar Shane McMahon is on the plane and if anyone would like an autograph he will gladly sign it.’ And she did. All of a sudden, all you hear is [sound of Vince McMahon laughing] Vince next to him laughing,” Gas said.

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