Shane McMahon Offer To Fired Diva Revealed

The former WWE star Briana Brandy (fka B-Fab) recently recalled how Shane McMahon offered her a chance to co-host RAW Underground.



Shane McMahon offered the role to B-Fab

During the summer of 2020, with the pandemic altering WWE’s usual way of presenting its product. The company decided to introduce new ideas and experimented with them in showcasing programs. A new segment introduced was RAW Underground, a blend of modern MMA with the look of the 1999 film Fight Club. It was introduced by none other than Shane McMahon.

B-Fab, who had a role on RAW Underground, during a recent interview with NBC Sport’s Boston, revealed how she ended up working on the production:

“Shane McMahon’s like you have a great look (…) I might need (…) I might want someone to co-host the show (RAW Underground) with me.” Brandy added: “He said, ‘Okay, I’m going to have you end up interviewing Braun Strowman so I need you to come up with questions to ask him,’ and I’m, like, ‘All right,’ like, let’s do this, you know, I got this, so yeah, it just happened (…) drop of a dime (…) the opportunity came about and he just asked me on the spot and I had to be ready and that’s how I got the job doing that.”

WWE Hall of Famer Edge had expressed his desires to take up the co-host role. Speaking with Fightful, former WWE star AJ Francis (fka Top Dolla) said Edge told him that he’d be the host of RAW Underground if he weren’t already working on another show:

So he’s (Egde) like, ‘Yeah, you know, we were in a meeting with Vince and other people, they were talking about who’s going to host RAW Underground, and I thought you’d be the perfect host for it. They actually were going to run with you as the host, but you’re on the road doing Most Wanted Treasures, and that’s going to take up too much of your schedule to do RAW Underground.'”

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