Shane McMahon Photo After WWE Firing Leaks

Shane McMahon recently made his epic comeback to WWE. He participated in the Royal Rumble match but things got heated up backstage of the show. He had a heated altercation with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the producers backstage. He tried to push his ideas and wanted things to play out in his favor in the Rumble. He was seemingly self-centered with the ideas. This led to heavy bickering and it seemed WWE had let go of Shane for good. However, this now appears to not be the case as Shane was recently spotted doing a business deal on behalf of the company with wealthy rugby owner Marco Masotti.



In a tweet, Masotti stated: “So grateful for a night out with brothers Shane McMahon (son of WWE Vince) and Doug Cifu (co-owner of Florida Panthers). Excited for a partnership between WWE and rugby.”

However, amid the controversy, the WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair shared his take on the situation.

Ric Flair talks about Shane McMahon’s departure from WWE

While speaking on the Wooooo Nation Podcast, Ric Flair addressed Shane =being let go by WWE. Flair stated that he thinks it could all be a part of the storyline:

“I like Shane McMahon as a person, he has always been great to me my whole life. Of course, I do not have enough good things to say about Vince. It’s a very uncomfortable topic and situation for me to discuss because I just do not know enough about it.

No, but I do not see Shane being put through this brief period of humiliation for it to be something that’s not real either. If your family is as closely knit as they are, why would you let that be the top subject in WWE news for two weeks? I hope it’s a work.”

Speaking about Shane, WWE considered him to be a huge part of the upcoming WrestleMania 38. But, Wrestle Votes recently reported that he was originally going to wrestle near the top of the Mania card. However, some plans might have been changed. WWE has now been forced to nix the plans and they are eyeing a new major attraction for the flagship pay-per-view of the company.

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