Shane McMahon Spotted With Big Name Owner

Shane McMahon was previously involved in a controversy due to his reported backstage demeanor at Royal Rumble last month. He made his epic comeback to WWE and participated in the Royal Rumble match but things got heated up backstage of the show. He had a heated altercation with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the producers backstage. He tried to push his ideas and wanted things to play out in his favor in the Rumble. He was seemingly self-centered with the ideas. This led to heavy bickering and it seemed WWE had let go of Shane for good.



Shane McMahon returns to social media

Shane remained quiet on social media for nearly a month after the Royal Rumble. It is quite certain that was not the original plan, but this is the circumstance he finds himself in. He has been spotted before, but this is the first time he sent out an original tweet since November 12th, 2021. Shane posted a shot of himself at the Panthers game with Dougie Large, partner of the Florida Panthers and CEO of Virtu Financial. They had a blast at the game.

Enjoying the game with @Panthers owner and CEO/Vice Chairman of @VirtuFinancial @Dougielarge!

You can check it out below:

It turns out that WWE considered Shane to be a huge part of the upcoming WrestleMania 38. But, Wrestle Votes recently reported that he was originally going to wrestle near the top of the Mania card. However, some plans might have been changed. WWE has now been forced to nix the plans and they are eyeing a new major attraction for the flagship pay-per-view of the company.

In other news concerning Shane McMahon, former WWE referee Mike Chioda, during the latest episode of his ‘Monday Mailbag’ stated that professional wrestling and sports entertainment fans shouldn’t be surprised if McMahon shows up on AEW television. Credit to Wrestling Inc for the following.

“I’m not convinced all the way but if it did happen, don’t be surprised if we see Shane pop up on AEW,” Chioda said. “Let’s put it this way, you got a million coming to you if you don’t do this in 90 days but Tony Khan wants to pay him 3 million to show up, what do you do? Shane is a popular draw man, he shows up. Does he got some sh*t still left in his tank? Yes, he does. He’s come back, he’s busted his ass with the talent and I just don’t see where there’s no room for Shane McMahon in WWE. Shane McMahon is WWE too, to me he is.”

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