Shane McMahon Threatens To Murder WWE Star

Former WWE Executive Vice President of Global Media, Shane McMahon had allegedly threatened to kill a couple of top executives, Michael Hayes and Bruce Prichard. It has come to light it is due to her sister, Stephanie McMahon.



Shane McMahon wanted to kill them

Back in 2001, former WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon started his football league, the XFL, aiming to compete with the NFL. However, the project failed and got shut down after a single season. During that season, nevertheless, Stephanie McMahon served as a sideline reporter.

In his book There’s Just One Problem…: True Tales from the Former, One-Time, 7th Most Powerful Person in WWE,” former lead writer Brian Gewirtz disclosed that Hayes and Prichard prepared Stephanie for her new role. He also claimed that Shane McMahon threatened them ahead of his sister’s first appearance as a sideline reporter among the XFL crowd.

“Before she did her first on camera in the stands, Shane pulled Michael and Bruce aside. ‘I just want you two to know, I love you both like family, but if anyone lays a hand on my sister, I will legitimately kill you.’ Just the type of thing you want to hear before leading a famous person into a drunken mob,” Gewirtz wrote.

Brian Gewirtz stated in his book that fans only knew Stephanie as the heel character she portrayed on television. Hence, they met her with an insulting chant.

“An earnest Stephanie, thrust into an announcer role much like her Dad was on WWF television decades earlier, gave it her all reporting from the actual stands as a cascade of “sl*t” chants echoed down. This was something that was actually encouraged in this decidedly un-PG era of WWE but just added to the disaster that was the XFL in 2001.”

Gewirtz further described the star’s time in the football league:

“It was just surreal watching a smiling Stephanie McMahon telling the inspirational story on how a player overcame cancer as thousands in unison [men, women, and children] chanted “sl*t” while they high-fived behind her,” Gewirtz wrote.

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