Shane McMahon Warned WWE Star Before Leaving

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s son Shane McMahon was absent from WWE television after his mediocre feud with Braun Strowman last year. Shane McMahon made his shocking return during the Men’s Royal Rumble match this year where fans were not happy with him going toe to toe with established WWE Superstars such as ‘The Original Bro’ Matt Riddle. His performance also irked WWE Superstars backstage on top of that as well. This was due to the speculative rumor that Shane McMahon wanted to book the entire WWE Men’s Royal Rumble match around himself, thus causing an entire rewrite before the show going on-air. Shane McMahon’s WWE firing conspiracy was also revealed. 



As previously reported by Ringside News, Shane McMahon was supposed to be on a previous week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. It was not revealed why Shane McMahon was absent, but plans for him have changed. In an update from the site, it was previously revealed that WWE had fired Shane McMahon after all the heat he got after producing the Men’s Royal Rumble match.

It was also reported that the company had big plans for Shane McMahon for the WWE Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event on February 19th in Saudi Arabia.

On “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, Kurt Angle revealed the advice Shane McMahon gave him.

“I was doing my match, and I was leaving, like right afterward,” revealed Kurt Angle. “Shane McMahon caught me one night, and he said, ‘Kurt, you can’t leave. You’re going to get heat with all the wrestlers. You have to respect them and watch them have their matches. You have to stay until the end of the night.”

And not only that, you’re going to improve so much more. And Shane was right. The longer I stayed, the more I stayed, the more I improved. Watching those guys, seeing what they did and how they sold and the moves they did, I was learning so quickly; because of that, I was studying every match. Shane was exactly right.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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