Shane McMahon WWE Firing Conspiracy Revealed

After a very long hiatus from WWE television following his feud with Braun Strowman last year, Shane McMahon returned during the Men’s Royal Rumble match this year where he had a decent performance as well. He stood toe-to-toe with numerous WWE Superstars including the likes of Matt Riddle and others. This was not met with positive reception at all backstage in WWE.



According to Ringside News, Shane McMahon was scheduled to be on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. It was not revealed why Shane McMahon was absent, but plans for him have changed. In an update from the site, it was previously revealed that WWE had fired Shane McMahon after all the heat he got after producing the Men’s Royal Rumble match. There were alleged huge plans for the ‘Best in the World’ before his quiet release from WWE as Shane McMahon was planned to be in the Elimination Chamber match for WWE Championship at the upcoming WWE Elimination Chamber premium live event.

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page is a huge fan of Shane McMahon and only ever has good things to say about him. The WWE Hall Of Famer recently spoke On Sportskeeda’s The Bro Show, Page dismissed the rumors that McMahon was a nightmare backstage and believed it might be a work.

“I’m not saying it is, but I just don’t believe anything in wrestling anymore. It could be a complete work. Shane’s a classy dude. Every experience I’ve ever had of Shane McMahon, it’s been straight up. I don’t see how Shane goes crazy in between, I saw him at the Hall of Fame.

In this scenario, my opinion of Shane McMahon is really up there. I didn’t see it. I’m not going to let some dirt sheets or people talking smack take that (change his opinion about Shane). I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t there. Do I think it could be a work? Part of me (says yes). I don’t know for what reason it would be. Who knows, Shane could come through the crowd right before WrestleMania and he’s booked in…who knows.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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