Shane McMahon WWE Raw ‘Replacement’ Leaks?

WWE have discussed a possible ‘Raw Underground’ host who isn’t Shane McMahon, and it turns out it is AJ Francis, who played in the NFL and is in NXT. A Shane McMahon and Triple H ‘taking over’ WWE idea just leaked.



Sean Ross Sapp reports, “WWE have been high on Francis as a host for quite some time, and he had actually been in consideration for hosting Raw Underground at one point.” Sapp made the report on Fightful Select. It turns out Vince McMahon changed his mind on Raw Underground again, apparently.

The Miz recently discussed how Vince runs creative on Sports Bar Radio, via Fightful, “Sometimes I don’t think the audience may know how much Vince McMahon cares. Not just about the talent and shows, but about every employee under the WWE wing. He cares about the fans.

I don’t think anyone understands how much he cares and how much work he does to make sure the audience goes home with exactly what they want, that the superstars have a great and healthy life, that his employees are happy. He really goes in-depth and surrounds himself with talented people to make sure his vision gets across.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph is the editor and lead reporter of Wrestling Edge. You can send an email to wrestlingedgeofficial

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