Shaq Accused Of Drug Use By Female Athlete

Former LSU track star and Olympic athlete Lolo Jones disagrees with Shaquille O’Neal’s recent declaration that Angel Reese is the greatest athlete to come out of LSU. Jones believes that Shaq may have been under the influence of pain medication due to his recent hip surgery and that there are many other notable athletes from LSU that could contend for the title of “GOAT.”



In an interview with TMZ, Jones expressed her disagreement with Shaq’s statement and suggested that he may have made the comment out of boredom. She also pointed out that there are numerous LSU athletes who could be considered for the title of “GOAT,” including herself, former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow, and NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal himself.

Shaq’s comments about Angel Reese were made on his podcast, The Big Pod, earlier this week. He confidently declared that Reese was the greatest athlete to come out of LSU, both male and female. However, his statement has been met with some pushback, with many fans and analysts pointing out the accomplishments of other LSU athletes.

Ultimately, the debate over who is the greatest athlete to come out of LSU is subjective and depends on individual opinions and criteria. However, it is clear that Shaq’s statement has sparked a conversation about the impressive history of LSU athletics and the many notable athletes who have contributed to that legacy.

“Shaq knew what he was doing,” Jones told TMZ. “Shaq’s just bored. He’s coming off hip surgery. He’s chilling at home. I think Shaq, honestly, is high on some pain medicines. The list is so big with LSU.”

“She’s probably the greatest athlete to come out of LSU sports. You heard it here first. Man and female,” Shaq said before doubling down like the man he is. “She delivered that package. A lot of us got the package and we still got that package in our truck… Joe Burrow got it done a few years ago, but she’s way more athletic than he is,” he concluded.

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