Shaq Brutally Goes After LeBron James With Photo

Shaquille O’Neal posted an NBA (Greatest of all Time) chart with the caption, “What’s your thoughts on this and no I didn’t make this up.” Despite poor grammar, the chart shows: Michael Jordan ranked best, and Kobe Bryant and Shaq beneath him. LeBron James is snubbed as a third-tier player. Wow! 



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Shaq to WWE?

John Cena was WWE’s most popular star in the 2000s – because there really wasn’t much of an alternative. Cena was the top babyface of WWE, never turning heel, or at least never reverting back to his heel “Doctor of Thugganomics” gimmick, which was really quite good.

Cena dominated the main event roster for much of his near twenty-year in-ring career. One of the reasons he was at the top was his dedication and loyalty to the company. He was one of Vince McMahon’s puppets, and he wasn’t afraid to kiss butt and publicly at every opportunity if it meant solidifying his spot in WWE. Cena was a WWE guy through and through – he perhaps bled stronger colors of red and yellow than Hulk Hogan ever did. Subsequently, many fans think of Johnny C as ‘Mr. WWE’. Personally, I don’t.

After Cena stopped being a regular WWE performer, he continued to think about his former company. He once tried to give NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal a subtle hint about joining WWE during AEW’s rise to the major leagues in 2021.

In 2021, John and Shaq featured on NBA on TNT and talked. Cena attended the interview in his “Peacemaker” costume and recalled their arm wrestling match. Shaq mentioned Cena was one of the strongest guys he ever faced.

Cena said Shaq’s’ size meant it was a shame he couldn’t be in WWE, but said there was still a possibility. He said, “It’s a shame that you were born so large and so gifted on the basketball court because you could have been something in WWE. I still think you can be, I still think you can be.”

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