Shaq Drops Rihanna Romance Bombshell

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal often grabs the headlines for his comments and antics. The Los Angeles Lakers legend doesn’t shy away from relinquishing his dimmest thoughts. Recently, Shaq shared a clip of one of her favorites, Rihanna, performing at the Super Bowl. The mesmerizing video took everyone aback, including the Big Aristotle, who shared his thoughts on the legendary pop star. For the uninitiated, Shaq has an undying love for Rihanna, like many around the world.



Shaq recently shared a short clip from the astonishing performance by Rihanna at the Super Bowl LVII. The crowd cheered at the top of their lungs, and seemingly, so did Shaq from the comfort of his couch.

In his recent Instagram stories, Shaq shared a clip where he shared the same feelings as the user who uploaded it. The video was rightly captioned as people were in awe of Rihanna taking control of the stadium, dressed in a Red robe.

“This shot during Rihanna’s SuperBowl performance is so wild holy cr*p” said the caption to the video.

It has been noted that over the years, Shaq hasn’t kept it a secret that he adores the RnB superstar. The seven-foot legend obviously knows his bit about music. The Lakers legend has four full rap albums and collaborated with many respected artists. However, his love for Rihanna isn’t limited to the music, as he has disclosed how obsessed he’s with the superstar. He said he’d change his surname for Rihanna if she would marry him.

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