Shaq Massive Bill At McDonald’s Revealed

NBA legend Shaquile O’Neal currently serves as an analyst on the hugely popular NBA on TNT. He recently revealed via Daily Mail that he orders fries, a double-cheeseburger, 10 nuggets and a coke at McDonald’s these days – because he is on a diet.



The NBA star talked about his fast food order on a recent appearance on ‘The Big Episode’ podcast.

The 51year-old said:

‘When I go to McDonald’s, [my order is] a number one, double cheeseburger and 10 nuggets and a Diet Coke because I’m on the diet. My order never changes.’

O’Neal’s order still comes in at a hefty 1,225 calories for a man who weighs around 320 pounds.

Shaq also revealed how much of a generous tipper he is at McDonald’s.

‘When I go to McDonald’s and order food… and the kids bring it, I’ll give them a $200 tip. I’m not about to go in there and cook it and do it.

‘You’re doing that for me? Appreciate you, big homie. Thank you.’

He added that he typically eats five meals a day and even opened up on what his diet normally consists of when he doesn’t head for the golden M.

‘I eat a healthy breakfast just to hold me for the day: three turkey sausages and about four or five egg whites,’ he said.

‘Meal two is gonna be some fruit. Meal three is gonna be a shake and fruit. Meal four is probably gonna be a light salad, and then meal five is gonna be chicken, fish, or steak.’

O’Neal was a star of the NBA for 19 years and is four-time NBA champion. Three of his titles came during his time at the Los Angeles Lakers and another was at Miami Heat.

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