Shaq Melts Down After Kyrie Irving Attack In Video

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal was recently dragged into the anti-semitic controversy involving popular rapper Kanye West(now known as Ye) and Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving. The Los Angeles Lakers legend recently opened up about his ‘idiot’ comment on Kyrie Irving while slamming his critics with some harsh words for questioning his intent.



Shaquille O’ Neal opens up on the matter

A couple of weeks ago, Shaquille O’Neal shared his thoughts on the Kyrie Irving controversy on Inside the NBA. Shaq suggested that social media was a powerful tool and Irving should have been careful about sharing something on his widely followed account that might have been offensive to some factions of society.

The four-time NBA champ said that it was hurtful for him to talk about such issues that divided the game he loved the most. O’Neal added:

“Now we gotta answer for what this idiot has done.”

The Lakers legend was lambasted for his ‘idiot’ comments against Kyrie Irving. Several critics pointed out that Shaq’s theatre premiered the same movie that Irving shared the link to on his social media accounts. The Big Diesel recently responded to his critics during a recent episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq.

During the podcast, the 15-time All-Star went on to clarify that he called Kyrie Irving an ‘idiot’ because he tarnished his own image. Shaq admitted to playing the movie in question in his theatre. However, O’Neal reckoned that he did not promote the movie on social media or urged the people to watch it.

The co-host Nischelle Turner shared that she was glad that Shaq cleared it up because people may have questioned his intention. Shaquille O’Neal responded:

 “But listen, I don’t give a f*ck what they do. I stand on what I say and I say what I say and I mean when I say.”

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