Shaq Reveals Sad Kanye West Sexual Accusation

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently got entailed in a social media war with Kanye West(now Ye), but the 50-year-old basketball legend was able to stay above the fray due to his commitment to keeping his mother happy. The brief back-and-forth began when O’Neal addressed Kyrie Irving’s recent controversy on TNT’s Inside the NBA. O’Neal called Irving, who has been criticized for promoting a film widely regarded as antisemitic, an “idiot,” adding that the Brooklyn Nets point guard isn’t “conscious” and doesn’t care who he offends.



Recently, Ye called out celebrities for not “cancelling” Balenciaga after people accused them of sexualizing children in advertisements.The Chicago rapper is accusing “the culture” of double standards, as they condemned him and Kyrie Irving for other controversies. “All celebrities are controlled,” he stated.

Shaquille O’ Neal calls out Kanye West

Shaq threw some shots at the Yeezy designer, whether controlled or not. He commented on a The Shade Room post reporting on Kanye’s comments, and pointed out some hypocrisy.

“The same brand that dropped his dumb a**,” he commented, adding the hashtags “narcissist” and “hypocrite.”

However, a lot of people also criticized Shaq for missing the point. By speaking on Kanye’s comments and not on Balenciaga’s actions, many feel like he’s contributing to the issue. “Not Kanye proving his point though,” a commenter wrote. “Celebrities saying everything but the right thing.”

What’s more is that many of Shaq’s critics aren’t excusing Ye, either. “Well correct they did drop him, but they also sexualized children Shaq. It’s possible for 2 things to be right at once,” read one comment. Another highlighted the media’s uneven response to these issues.

“Kanye didn’t lie tho, they were out of line for that ad, and it barely made its way into pop culture news. That’s sick, it wasn’t an accident, it was wrong. I feel like that was hella hypocritical. Not excusing anyones behavior but y’all did the most for Ye and Kyrie and they barely got a repost.”

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