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Shaq says negotiations with WWE for Wrestlemania match are underway again

Former NBA Star Shaquille O’Neal took to his podcast  The “BIG Podcast with Shaq to update fans on the status of his verbally confirmed Wrestlemania 33 match with The Big Show in Orlando next month. The bout has been in a huge state of doubt lately and Show has been saying that O’Neal is to blame for that.

Shaq responded on his show by announcing that talks to make the match happen are back on, as he has been speaking with a ‘high up’ WWE Official as of late:

“I’ve talked to somebody high up in the organization, and they – we’re back talking again. I just want the people to know it had nothing to do with me, despite what you hear.”

As for the blame being put on him for the match confirmation being stalled, O’Neal stands firm in the fact that it isn’t his fault:

“No, I haven’t seen them. We talked yesterday. I didn’t know that. I’m going to see you. I’m not worried about it Big Show. I’m going to see you. The world ain’t that big for me not to see you.”


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  • D2K

    The only way this match can get any heat whatsoever worthwhile is for the Big Show to show up on the set of Inside The NBA and punk Shaq in front of his peers. That would get people from that audience talking and the mainstream media to start hyping up the match. Then you can have Shaw do a run-in on a RAW show costing the Big Show a match.

    Maybe as a way to give Goldberg something to do before Mania, have him defend the Universal Title against the Big Show on a RAW. Allow the Big Show to get some serious offense on Goldberg and get to the point where it looks like Show will win (Goldberg is going to have to do some in-ring work before he fights Lesnar.) Then have Shaq come out the crowd and distract Big Show allowing Goldberg to hit the spear. Maybe……the Jackhammer. I’m not sure if Goldberg still has the strength to big up 400 pounds. This however would make Goldberg look stronger to make Brock’s Mania win carry a lot more weight.


    personally i have absolutely no interest in this match. WWE should just scrap the whole idea and fill the spot with something else. maybe they could do something with the NXT talent in its place.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    This whole thing is just weird.